Our Vacation Pictures.

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Some of our vacation pictures. Each picture has description underneath it.  Click every picture to enlarge it. 



White Mounain, NH August 16, 07

Story Land, New Hamispire

Emmanu and Daddy - Aug 14'07 Cape Code, MA

Benny and his good look enjoing the ride....

 We are at the summit of Loon mountain; 3,065 feet above the ground. Right behind us is the place where Sunday worship service takes place. As you walk down the stairs, you will see a small stage. Worshiping the Almighty God surrounded by mountains. God made all these mountains too you know?

Benny loves playing at the beach...Sandwich, Cape Code - Aug 13'07

This is Benny at the water founain. I don't think he is thursty; he just likes to touch everything....

Emmanu, Benny, and Mom playing Golf. .. Aug 2007

 May be the next Tiger Woods? who knows ?...- Aug 07

Benny loves to sneak away from us to play with other kids... Story land - Aug 15'07

Enjoying time at Story Land with other kids... Aug 2007

I think we should take Benny to the rural part of Ethiopia. He can practice with real cows there. What do you think? .... Story land - August 07

I did not know that Benny was coming with a bucket full of water. All of a sudden,.... SPLASH!! water all over the camera and our hands. He was laughing and enjoying the moment while we did not know what to do. He does things like this all the time. Just look at his face again, he is running to do it again. Cape Code, Ma Aug 07