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What is unforgivness?


By Ebenezer A.


Unforgivness is when some body has done something bad to you, you do not forgive them. Unforgivness can be when you hold a grudge againest somebody that did something to you. You think there is no way to forgive that person that hurt you. Unforgivness blocks you from worshiping God. It blocks your view from His perfect love. God does not want us entering into an evil activitiy and he does not want us to develop into any unforgiving spirit towards anyone. Satan does not want you to forgive yourself or people who have taken advantage of you. Often we fail to believe God's promises because we are ofen caught up in bitterness. Instead of being bitter towards the person who has hurted you, you should pray for them not to do wrong. Only God has the ability to resolve the hurt we experienced. When you finish forgiving the person who hurt you, you have to ask God to forgive yourself too.


A solution to unforgivness is discussing the problem with the person you are not forgiving. You can also be honest with God and tell Him your problems. I have been unforgiving before too but I though about all the things God has done for me and I easily forgave.


This is my summary of what unforgivness means.


Ebenezer A.


What is Jealousy/Envy?


By Ebenezer A.


Jealousy is if you have a desire for somthing that does not belong to you. Jealousy starts inside you until it starts to eat you and show itself on the outside. Jealousy can start when you are so close to getting something and is snatched away by somebody else. It also can start with a singe thought then people will start to notice it and if it continues to grow, it will cost your happiness, your family and friends will be affected by it too. You may not realize it but when you are jealous, you are wanting something that is not yours when God already has something good coming your way.


A jealous peron's fear is to be replaced by somebody or something. When you are jealous, you will become destructed and you will not be able to focus clearley. If you have a habit of always being jealous, you will hide your feelings and noboday can help you. The solution is not to denay it. Because you can never defeat it in a relectant way.


When I felt jealous before, I wanted to take candy from a kid at school who had a bounch of candy. But I put that thought aside and asked the kid rispectfully if I could have some. You do not always have to resort to jealousy. May be you could ask your parents to get you what you want instead. Withough realizing it, we can also make others jealous when we brag too much.


In conclusion, jealousy sucks you into a black hole and you become more and more defeated until you steal that does not belong to you. So do not fall for it.


This is my summary of what jealous and envy means.

Ebenezer A.



What is Slothfulness?


Author: Ebenezer A.

Slothfulness means being lazy. God does not want us to be lazy because if we are, we would not want to do anything for God or for ourselves. When you are lazy, you groan constantly and do your job bad. You can lose your job and living on the streets all because of slothfulness. When you are lazy, you try to find an easy way of dealing with life.

The model of a slothfulness person is, do not do today what you can put off tomorrow. We should never put off what we can do today, especially things that we can do for God. When you are lazy, you can become selfish. When you are lazy, there are consequences for it.

You never want to be slothful because you will be annoying. Sometimes in life, you have to do stuff you do not want to do. If you continue being slothful, in the future, you wish you want to take it back but you can’t. In conclusion, never become slothful your whole life.

This is my summary of Slothfulness.


Ebenezer A.


What is Pride?                                                    

By Ebenezer A.            Feb 21, 2015

Pride makes people think they are better than everybody and they can do what ever they want. Some people do not like the real them so they act pridefully. A lot of prideful people stick up their nose and ignore people. There were many prideful people mentioned in the bible as well. God wants us to learn how to work together to accomplish all that He has given us to do.  If you act pridefully, you will sense God saying stop, do not do it. But if you are still prideful, you will ignore what God is asking you not to do and continue anyways. Prideful people always want to be #1 in all situations. Of all sins listed in the word of God, Pride is one of the most distructive as the bible says pride comes before falling down. Wise people such as king Solomon, they stay confident and always relay on God.

This is what I think prideful means.

Authon: Ebenezer A.