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Ohh Marsh   

January 3, 2011 







Ohh Marsh....   

Below this blog, you will find a blog written on June 10, 2010 entitled    " A friend called Marsh". The story unfolded a beginning of an awesome friendship between our boys and a cockatoo pet bird called Marsh. The humble beginning of their friendship began on April 29th, 2010 and blossomed as days turned into weeks and weeks into Months.  Unfortunately, after exactly eight months it ended few days ago on December 30, 2010.  

The bird Marsh suddenly passed away on December 30th 2010 around 7:00 PM EST while he was sleeping in his cage. The detail of his death is still under investigation by the family but you can imagine how sad and shocked the boys were.  This is their first experience of owning a pet. As the beginning of their friendship with Marsh was exciting, the ending was shocking as well.  I was the barer of the bad news as they were watching video down stairs and their reaction to the news revealed a side of my boys I never seen before. They looked and acted like two adults who heard the most shocking news of their lifetime. They were calm but turned their heads down with sadness and somber look as they sat.  Immediately, we had to embrace each of them with comforting hugs that lasted a long time as we tried to comfort ourselves at the same time.  

The end of Marsh's friendship had impacted even us the parents and many who made contacts with him or knew of him thorough us.  Who would have thought a small pet would create such an effect on so many people. A strong attachment with a pet was not a phenomenon we were used to before we had Marsh. But now we can understand why the western world families invest thousands of dollars for the care of loved pets.  Why some people leave behind millions of dollars inheritance for their pets.  

As the boys and us struggled to recuperate from the sting of pain of the loss, we embarked the year 2011 with great optimism and the celebration of the gift of life.  The death of Marsh deeply reminded us how precious life is and how fragile it can also be. That we should never take what is given to us for granted. That we should enjoy and cherish the gift of life every single day.  

We wish you the best year as you begin 2011. Enjoy and celebrate the wonderful opportunity of a new and fresh beginning. Cherish friends, family and your pets.