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 No Pain, No Gain

       August 20, 2008

It has been about five years since we as a family have decided to shut off our TV from our living room and moved it to the basement. What a difference. We have more time as a family, we use the quiet time at nights for family time together and for many other valuable works that we need to take care of. Most of all, TV does not have the power to control our living room, our time, and our attention. Our kids do not have the “luxury” of flipping channels to watch all sorts of junk. And they are better off without it.  

But since about two weeks ago, a TV set was moved from the basement to our living room, my wife and I were glued in front of the TV monitor during the nights. We went to bed much later than the usual. Even the five year old Ammanu was allowed to stay up as late as 10:30PM.

Yes! it was because we were watching the Beijing Olympics.




Michael Phelp’s performance in the swimming pool was captivating, the gymnests performance was incredible, the synchronized pool divers were amazing , The track runners speed was hard to believe, the long distance runners were tireless, the Valley Ball was fun to watch, the list continues.  

We were intrigued and were very inspired by the performance of these athletes. Their passion to their chosen sport, their focus, their hard work, and their physical as well as mental strength was beyond what I can comprehend. Some of the gymnasts were as young as 15 years old but with all the passion, dedication and focus that is beyond their maturity level.  

What is it that drives them to get up every day and go through all the mental and physical pain to practice, practice and practice? What drives them to give every ounce of their passion to the sport of their choice? What if after years of practice end up losing the competition? What makes them get up and do the same work all over again? What enables them to take all that risk? What tics them every day to continue pushing against all the odds?

As I pondered through these questions, they made me see within myself. If we all were as dedicated, focused, hard working, willing to take risks, willing to go through pain if necessary, willing to challenge ourselves to the maximum, the world around us would be a better place. The family we lead, our work environment, the grades at school, the ministries at Church, the business we run, on and on and on... would have much higher quality. 



There is no growth in life without change. There is no change without giving up some things. There is no giving up without feeling pain. And there is no gain without pain!


Short term pain, for long term benefit.


What is your passion in life? And what are you doing about it? get up and pour all your energy and focus into it. Because if you do so; the "Gold medals" of life could be waiting for you. Or else, you will be sitting on the "bench" of life for a while. As the cliché goes ,





 "The biggest competitor you will ever have to beat is yourself"



"All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty." Proverbs 14:23


















God bless