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2008 Family Pictures

Family Pictures - Click each picture to see the bigger version.

Family - Dinner at the backyard - Aug'08

I screem, You screem, We all screem for Icecream!

Aug'08-After Swimming

I screem, You screem, We all screem for Icecream! - July'08

Family - July'08-Infront of US Capitol, Washington DC

Benny, we said "let us PRAY" not "let us PLAY".

Emmanu,Benny,Eden, Matty - July 4th weekend-08

Emmanu, Benny and Mhiritab - Canada-March'08 - Playing "Injera" - Ammanu hates loosing. If he looses the whole house gets crazy! ....

Ammanu and Benny with Grace and Aunt Zeni - Canada - March'08- Benny is not allowed to drink Soda. He is caught red handed trying to have soda here.

Ammanu the Soccer boy.

Family - Infront of the White House - Washington, DC -July'08

Grandma Ewaye.

Emmanu and Benny Infront of the White house, Washington DC-July'08

At Fikadu's weeding - Stockholm, Sweden

Mom, Emmanu, Benny - Infront of the US Capitol- June'08

Cousins are for even friends.. Caleb, Benny and Ammanu - three of them together? oh, NO!

Cousen Caleb and Ammanu

Ammanu&Benny with Eden, Matty and mom

The kids decided to hit the beach without parent? Caleb, Dinah, Naomi, Almelina, Ammanu and Benny - July'08

Family get together - March'08-Canada.

Emmanu and Benny with their cousens Caleb, Dinah and Naomi - August - '08

Mom and Dad with friends - May'08 - New Jersey

Ammanu loves to read

With uncle Demelash and his family - Virginia - June'08

Ammanu and cousen Yourdanos - Virginia - June'08