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Photo Gallery

2009 Family Pictures!

Benny's 1st day of KG - Sept'09

1st Day of KG for Benny.

The boys off to school....

boys and mom celebrating daddy's

Happy b. day to daddy - Sept-27'09

The boys came to daddy's bed early in the morning before he was fully awake to wish him a happy birth day - it is obvious who is behind this - Sept. 29 - 09

There it was...

take it easy, boys! I don't want to get punched. I am just taking a picture here.

Good job, boys!

Ammanu is 1st grade- Yee haaa!

Karate kid, ha?

@ Mike's Pastery...Love the cakes they have over there..

Ammanu heading off to his first day of 1st grade school day. Well, soon enough, we will see him off for College. - Sep'09

Ammanu..singing at school.

Ammanu loves Tintin books. Aunt Martha sent him a Tintin T-Short all the way from Vietnam.

Taking it easy!

Bike time!

Benny, what is that look?

Boys, are you chasing the birds or are the birds chasing you?

You guys look like you need a shower.

After about four hours of scavenger hunt, we found the treasure box!..we did it!

Going wild!

Finding the last clue of the scavenger hunt!

Mommy recorded each of the twelve clues we had to find to solve the puzzle.

What a hot day it was! Ammanu refused to wear a short that day and he ended up on daddy's shoulder half way..b/s he was too hot & tired to walk.. ha ha ha..

JJ is keeping the boys in shape!

What a day of hiking!


Ammanu graduated from KG in May-09

Ammanu, don't look so serious on your graduation day!

Ammanu with his buddies!